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The NCT of Delhi has been divided in 15 planning zones (divisions) designated from ‘A’ to ‘P’ (except Zone-I) in the Master Plan for Delhi-2021. P-Zone is further sub-divided into two zones designated as P-1 & P-II zones. As per Master Plan for Delhi- 2021 P-II zone covers an area of 8534 hact. The area under biodiversity park etc. (about 340 hact. area) falls in this zone ‘O’ which has been excluded from the zonal area of Zone P-II, which remains 8194 hact.

Brief Of DDA Master Plan 2021 

As you are aware, there was no opportunity to build flats in large numbers in Delhi after 2002. Therefore, flat buyers had to move to NCR to get quality flats at reasonable cost. Now after much deliberation and discussion, the Govt. of Delhi and Delhi Development Authority (DDA) have agreed to step up flat construction activities in Delhi and envisaged PPP (public private partnership) model of development for this. It is expected that by this move approx. 5 lacs flats shall be available at reasonable cost in Delhi.                                    
Under the PPP model, land owners can participate in flat construction activities. Land owners need to pool their land. Minimum pooled land size should be 3 hectares in a village or a sector. Land owners need to surrender their pooled land to DDA and DDA shall retain 40% to 60% land for development activities. Rest land (40% to 53%) shall be returned to landowners in area marked for residential purpose (R – Zone) for construction of flats. Land owners shall get land at one place for flat construction activities, even if they have land at various places in same village or sector.
To participate in flat construction activities, one needs to own land in areas marked for such development. So our society has started accumulating land in sector-6 (P-2 zone) of North Delhi. We have already arranged 3.5 acres of land by now at one place and are in search of more suitable land. 1.21 acre of land may be arranged by 1st week of April 2013. Right now our aim is to accumulate minimum land of 3 hectares for the society.

 Public & Semi Public Facilities in Sector - 6

Engineering College (1 No),Science Centre (1 No), College (2 Nos), ITI (1 No),Working Women / Man Hostel (1 No), Hospital ‘B’ (1 No), Hospital ‘C’ (2 Nos),
Hospital ‘D’ (2 Nos),Maternity Centre (2 Nos), Nursing Home (2 Nos), Old Age Home(1 No), Police Station (1 No), Fire Station (1 No), Disaster Management Centre (1 No),Recreational Club (1 No), Parking Sites (1 Nos), Divisional Sport Centre (1 No)..


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